1911 University

WMG 4 Class Picture Welcome to the 1911 University! The 1911 University brings you the opportunity to build your own 1911 under the close instruction of Joe Chambers. This will be a fun and functional hands on learning class that you are sure to enjoy.

The 2018 dates for 1911 University are as follows:

March 11-17 (5 Students)
May 27-June 2 (10 Students)
August 5-11 (10 Students)
December 2-8 (Naples Florida 10 Students)


The class teaching is set up on a Sunday through Saturday schedule. Saturday night prior to the class, the shop will be open for those of you who wish to come hang out, pick your work bench, and get to know each other.

The class will include written and verbal instruction, all parts for the gun as well as a few minor tools we feel are necessary for you to have a successful experience. There will be some items on the required tool list that you may not have that are specific to the class (stones, files, etc.) that we will have available at the shop for your purchase.

The price for the class is $4,500.00. A non-refundable initial payment of $1,500.00 is due when you sign up for the class. The balance for the March class is due on February 15th. All other classes the final cost will be due 60 days prior to the class start. Tuition payments can be made by check or money order to the address at the bottom of this page.

All class slots are first come first serve. You may email heidi.chamberscustom@gmail.com to reserve a spot and let her know your initial payment is on the way. She will inform you if the class you wish to take is already full.

Once your initial payment is made you will be sent a class syllabus that will contain where you can find local accommodations (which you are responsible for yourself), airport information (for those flying in to the class), tools needed for the class, class schedule and other information pertinent to your class week.

Joe is looking forward to teaching you how to build a 1911 pistol as he builds them here every day at Chambers Custom.