1911 Mirror Image Duo™ .45acp

Images courtesy of American Handgunner. Photos by: Chuck Pittman, Inc. (www.americanhandgunner.com)

1911 Mirror Image Duo™ .45acp designed and built by Chambers Custom Pistols™.

Parts list for both guns:

  • Caspian Slides fit to Caspian Frames with match tolerances
  • Kart .45acp NM Barrels that have been threaded and fit with Chambers Custom™ tapered sleeve cone for a tolerance at the muzzle of less than .0005″ between the slide and barrel and fit to match tolerances.
  • Barrel Hood to Breech Face Gap less than .001″
  • Barrel Chambers cut to .905″
  • KFS LPA Combat Ear Rear Sight that has been modified with dovetail removed for cleaner installation
  • Chambers Custom Front Sight
  • Caspian/CCP Modified Extractors
  • Caspian Firing Pins
  • Caspian Firing Pin Plate (righty), CCP Custom Made Firing Pin Plate (lefty)
  • MCP Disconnector Cut in slides
  • Chambers Custom Recoil Plugs
  • STI Guide Rods
  • Wolfe 22lb Recoil Springs
  • EGW Ejector (righty), EGW/CCP Custom Made Ejector (lefty)
  • C&S Ultra Lite Hammer, Sear and Disconnector (righty), C&S Hammer and Disconnector (lefty)
  • PM Machine Sear (lefty)
  • S&A Grip Safeties blended and fit
  • Ed Brown Bobtail Mainspring Housings
  • Greider Triggers
  • Caspian/CCP Modified Slide Stops
  • Caspian/CCP Modified Mag Catches
  • Caspian/CCP Modified Thumb Safeties
  • Trigger Pulls at 3lb 4oz with short roll and minimum overtravel
  • Grips by Ed Strange
  • Finish is Polished and blasted Stainless Steel
  • Top of slides, front of frames and mainspring housings are stippled and Aztec Pattern Cut
  • Rear of slides, ejectors and extractors stippled
  • Custom cocking serrations in the slides
  • Sides of slide were cut, polished and blasted with the Chambers Custom Pistols “Pinstriper”™ Pattern
  • Slide edges hand beveled
  • Frame edges hand beveled
  • Frame mag wells hand beveled

SOLD – $41,000.00


Images courtesy of American Handgunner. Photos by: Chuck Pittman, Inc. (www.americanhandgunner.com)