1911 University™ Basic Armorers Course

The purpose of this class is for students to gain a greater understanding of the function and care of their 1911/2011 platform pistols. It is designed from a beginner’s mindset but features advanced tips for shooters of all skill levels to gain the most performance possible from their existing guns.

Taught by Joe Chambers of Chambers Custom Pistols, this two-day course will help students have a better understanding of the care, maintenance and minor performance modifications that can be done on their pistols.

Students will be taught:

~ Proper cleaning and lubrication

~ Troubleshooting for maximum reliability through test firing

~ Troubleshooting for maximum reliability by parts evaluation

~ Extractor and Ejector tuning

~ Effects of barrel fit issues on function

~ Basic trigger improvements

~ Best parts to use in replacement

~ Best modifications to do for improved performance

Students must have a 1911/2011 and know how to disassemble/reassemble the gun. Students must bring basic disassembly tools as well as eye and ear protection to class. 200 rounds of ammo for their pistol will be needed for test firing as well as two magazines.

The class will be open Friday evening for an evaluative test fire and meet and greet. You are encouraged to attend this portion so Joe can watch you shoot your gun and take notes to help you evaluate it during the following two days.

Minimum to make the class 10 students. Max class capacity is 20.

Held at The Ranch, TX, July 17-19, 2020. Non-member tuition is $480.00 per student for two days, including range fees. Tuition for current members of The Ranch, TX, will be $400.00 for two days instruction. All fees are non-refundable and will be payable to Chambers Custom.

To enroll in the Armorers Course, email heidi.chamberscustom@gmail.com for availability.

For more information on The Ranch, TX, visit https://theranchtxclub.com/.