.22 Conversion Units

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SSG Model

SSG Sold Out

  • Steel scope mount for use with a microstyle dot. (Red dot not included)
  • Scope mount stippled and/or pattern cut
  • Match grade stainless steel barrel. Threaded ½ x 28 at muzzle, includes thread protector. Non-threaded available for states where prohibited.
  • Standard finish is polished flats and matte rounds.
  • Four magazines
  • Ransom rest tested at 50 yards.
  • Slide locks back with last shot
  • Sub ¾ inch, 5 shot groups at 50 yards
  • Includes recoil spring kit


BA Plinkster Aluminum Slide Conversion

BA Plinkster(640x360)                         Plinkster 2 (640x360) (2)

  • Carbon steel match grade barrel. Threaded ½ x 28 with muzzle protector. Non-threaded available for states where prohibited.
  • Slide fluted and lightened for use with subsonic, standard and high velocity ammo.
  • Standard anodized color choice of black, Chambers Custom blue or olive grey. **Conversion in picture above is in the white and is not available.
  • Four magazines
  • Ransom rest tested at 25 yards.
  • Sub 1 inch, 5 shot groups at 25 yards


.22 Conversion Units are in the final assembly stages and are currently available for pre-sale. For more information or to reserve yours today, please contact Heidi at heidi.chamberscustom@gmail.com or call (402) 209-5043.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of groups can I expect from this conversion?

A. At no additional cost, we guarantee the SSG Model to shoot sub ¾ inch groups for 5 shots at 50 yards. Our average for this conversion is ½ inch for 5 shots at 50 yards.

The BA Plinkster Aluminum Slide is shooting under 1 inch for 5 shots at 25 yards.

Does the slide lock back after the last shot?

A. Yes, the steel slide will lock back.

No, the aluminum slide will not lock back after the last shot.

What type of magazines are included?

A. Four polymer magazines are included with each conversion. They are made by a private maker and have been tested up to 3,000 rounds without failure.

Do you guarantee the conversion will fit and function with my gun?

A. We cannot guarantee that each conversion will fit any gun it is put on. However, for a small fee, you may send your pistol to us and we will fit the conversion for optimal function.

Can I use any kind of ammunition with the conversion?

A. We have tested the conversions with the following types of ammunition with no malfunctions:

Gemtech Subsonic, Aguila, Remington Golden Bullet, Federal Auto Match, CCI Standard, CCI Mini Mag, Eley.

Have you experienced any jamming problems?

A. We have not had any jamming or malfunctions as long as the conversion is properly lubed and cleaned regularly.

Can you purchase a red dot for my conversion?

A. Yes, for the price of the red dot and depending on the market options currently available, we can obtain and mount it on your conversion.

Do you have extra parts or part kits available?

A. Yes, we do have repair parts available for an additional cost if needed.

Where can I find .22 ammo for my conversion?

A. Chambers Custom is currently selling cases of Gemtech .22 Ammo. Contact Heidi for pricing information.