Black Knight™ .45acp


Update: This pistol has been sold. If you would like a Black Knight custom made for you contact Joe Chambers.

Announcing the 1911 Black Knight™ .45acp designed and built by Chambers Custom Pistols™.

This incredibly beautiful custom 1911 .45acp is now ready for delivery.  The gun is built on a Caspian frame and features a slide tri-cut on top and above the dust cover to give it an octagonal look from the front, as well as custom cocking serrations on the slide, as well as many other custom features and parts.

This is the first gun in the Black Knight Series™ and the specifications are as follows:

  1. Caspian .45acp Slide fit to Caspian Frame
  2. Slide Tri-Cut on top and above Dust Cover to give a octagonal look from the front
  3. Custom Cut Cocking Serrations on Slide
  4. Ejection port lowered and flared
  5. Dovetail Front Sight custom built and blended
  6. KFS Rear Sight with non dovetail installation, buried and protected
  7. Top of slide stippled and Aztec Pattern Cut with Boarder
  8. Rear of slide, extractor and ejector stippled to match
  9. Top edge of slide border cut
  10. Bottom edge of slide beveled and boarder cut
  11. Front and rear edges of slide hand beveled
  12. Front edges of frame hand beveled to match slide bevel
  13. KartNM .45acp Barrel fit
  14. Chamber Depth .905″ from rear of barrel hood
  15. Hood to Breech Face gap .001″
  16. Barrel O.D. at muzzle .5805″
  17. MGW Match Bushing fit with I.D. of .581″ horizontal and .58125″ vertical
  18. Custom Recoil Plug built to be flush with bushing
  19. EGW standard length solid recoil rod modified and installed
  20. Greider Slide Stop modified and stippled on underside
  21. Greider Mag Catch angle cut back and stippled
  22. Greider Long Solid Match Trigger fit with over travel set
  23. S&A Grip Safety blended and fit
  24. Brown Mainspring Housing blended to frame, stippled and Aztec Pattern Cut
  25. Front Strap of frame stippled and Aztec Pattern Cut
  26. Trigger Guard blended
  27. C&S Ultra Lite Match Hammer with Hooks at .018
  28. C&S TM Strut
  29. C&S Ultra Match Sear at .782″ O.A.L.
  30. C&S Match Disconnector at 1.303″ O.A.L.
  31. Trigger Weight Adjustment Screw in MSH
  32. Trigger Pull Short Roll
  33. Trigger Weight adjustable from 2lb 8oz to 3lb 8oz
  34. Blasted Rounds
  35. Buffed Flats and Small Parts
  36. Blued Finish
  37. 18lb Wolf Recoil Spring
  38. 23lb WolfMainspring
  39. Grips by EdStrange at Wicked Grips – Box Elder Burl
  40. User Grips – “Sharkskin” by KFS
  41. Four tuned magazines

This gun shot 10 shot groups at 50 yards out of a ransom rest that averaged 1.25″. The worst target for 10 shots was just under 1.4″ and the best was just over 1.15″. I was shooting match ammo with Nosler 185 grain HP’s.


Bknight1 Bknight1 Bknight1


Once again, thank you for looking. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback as I am always trying to improve my thinking and building.


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