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Great Possibilities

Chambers Custom Pistols™ officially opened on June 1st, 2010.  Within the first year we were honored to receive many custom orders and began to concentrate on building Collector Grade Limited Editions, Custom Bullseye Guns, and Custom Carry Packages on the 1911 and 2011 platform.  We have also accepted a limited number of Custom 1911 Rebuilds as time allows.  We also sell quality products that enhance the 1911 shooting experience.

For the current lead times on custom builds by Joe please email Heidi at The current lead time for our 1911 WMG™ and 2019 PHATWMG™​​ models is 12-24 months.


joechambers_gun_bwOur mission is to build obsessibly™ reliable, accurate, and beautiful 1911 style pistols for discriminating gun owners.  What does obsessibly™ mean?  Simply put it is the obsessive pursuit of the possibilities that lie within.  In other words, really cool guns.

The Passion Within

There are a number of things that make having a custom 1911 built unique.  Many of these are external, some are internal and a special few are simply intrinsic.  One of those things that should be an intrinsic part of a custom 1911 experience is passion.  Here at Chambers Custom Pistols™, a main part that is emphasized from your very first call to the shop is the passion that goes forth in building each piece.  Whether it is an all business duty gun or a cosmetically blown out show gun, each and every 1911 that leaves here takes with it a part of its creator.  Perhaps it sounds cliché but we truly love what we do here at the shop.  We truly love the obsessive pursuit of the possibilities that lie within with each and every project.  We are so passionate about it we even coined our own word, “Obsessibly™”.​


At Chambers Custom Pistols we don’t have customers, we have Client Friends.  Client Friendships are built out of trust, respect and responsibility.  We believe in relationships and that is what you get when we build your gun.  Our Client Friends receive prompt responses to calls and e-mail as well as notification of when packages are received and shipped because we believe that part of good relationship building is solid communication.  We treat each person we build for as we would like to be treated ourselves because we value your friendship above all else.  When you have a custom 1911 built by Chambers Custom Pistols you truly do become part of our family of Client Friends.

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