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Chambers Custom Pistols™ not only builds one-off custom designed pistols for individuals, but we build a variety of 1911 limited edition series for sale directly from the shop in Wilber, Nebraska.


The PHATWMG is the new Chambers Custom line up of 2019 widebody guns. Available in a few configurations, these guns push the envelope by offering the end user the highest performance in both reliability and accuracy while still maintaining some of the classic styling that Joe Chambers has been known for throughout his career.

So what does PHATWMG mean? Pretty Hot And Tempting Working Man’s Gun…that’s it. It is, in our opinion, the ultimate pistol for duty, carry or sport for those wanting more bullets. It provides the mechanical advantage of the venerable 1911 system as well as the high capacity of many of the polymer guns of “today”.

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Workin’ Man’s Gun™

Several years back, a local police officer friend and I were were discussing how he would love to own a gun built by me but just couldn’t come up with the coin on a working man’s salary. He suggested perhaps I should build a line of guns for “regular” guys who were not looking for all the bling and flash of my normal custom guns. Thus the “Workin’ Man’s Gun™” was born.

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The Yeti (SOLD OUT)

Our newest special edition 1911 pistol, The Yeti, is an inspired project from the culmination of many years of friendship and countless conversations devising the layout for the perfect carry gun. Many of these in-depth conversations have taken place over the past 4 years right here on the banks of the Blue River. This is where the Chambers Custom shop is located and where the mystical Yeti is known to stop in from time to time for visits with Joe.

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