Limited Edition Shadow™ .45acp


Announcing the 2010 Limited Edition Shadow™ .45acp

A Special, One-Time Exclusive Offer:

Chambers Custom Pistols™ is proud to announce the 2010 Limited Edition pistol, the Shadow™.  This unique, custom pistol is similar in design to the gun built and displayed for the 2009 American Pistolsmiths’ Guild Meeting at the SHOT Show in Orlando Florida.


In a day when match grade accuracy and unquestionable reliability are required, what gun can give you both while being exquisitely beautiful…The Shadow™, it does.

Custom 1911 pistols built by Joe Chambers are considered to be among the finest and most beautiful guns created by those who own and shoot them.  Each gun is custom designed and hand crafted with the upmost attention to detail and design, and the Shadow™ is no exception.  From its stipple and pattern cut slide with invisibly blended dovetail front sight, to the match grade barrel and bushing fit, nothing is overlooked.

Limited Offer

Only 10 custom .45acp Limited Edition Shadow™ pistols will be built.

Parts and Specifications

shadow_coat_soldTen shot group sizes for .45acp pistols in this series will range between 1.100” to 1.500” at 50 yards.  The average of .45’s built by Joe Chambers over the past three years has been 1.350” for ten shots at 50 yards.  Parts and specifications used in the Limited Edition Shadow Series™ will include the following:

  • Caspian Carbon Steel .45ACP slide
  • Caspian Carbon Steel Frame
  • Kart National Match 45ACP Barrel
  • Kart National Match Bushing
  • Stipple Pattern Cut Front Strap
  • Stipple Pattern Cut Mainspring Housing
  • Stipple and Pattern Cut Top of Slide
  • Belgian Border Cut Slide
  • Hand Bevel Edges of Side and Frame where applicable
  • Custom Rear Cocking Serrations
  • Trigger set at 3lbs. 10oz. Short Roll
  • Trigger Adjustment Screw in Mainspring Housing to allow for approximately 1lb of adjustment
  • Greider Match Trigger fit to Gun
  • Cylinder & Slide Ultra Match Hammer
  • Cylinder & Slide Ultra Match Sear
  • Cylinder & Slide Ultra Match Disconnector
  • Cylinder & Slide TM Strut
  • Cylinder & Slide Thumb Safety Installed and Blended
  • Smith and Alexander Grip Safety Installed and Blended
  • Greider Slide Stop Fit and Stippled
  • Stippled Rear of Slide, Ejector, and Extractor
  • KFS  Combat Ear Rear Sights Installed Buried and Protected
  • Custom Solid Dovetailed Front Sight Installed and Blended
  • Greider Tactical Mag Catch Angled Back and Stippled
  • MCP Disconnector Cut in Slide
  • Custom Grips
  • 23# Mainspring
  • 18# Recoil spring
  • MasterPolishFlats
  • Blast Rounds
  • Blue Finish
  • 4 Mags Tuned