Professional Series™

We are very excited to announce the new Chambers Custom 1911 Professional Series™ of guns for 2019!

Over the past 8 years Joe has had the pleasure to build guns for many professionals in the shooting industry and in the Armed Forces. In the coming year of 2019 Chambers Custom™ will be teaming up with some of the top firearms trainers in the country to provide limited edition guns which have been designed in conjunction with them. Each special edition will be limited to 25 pieces for sale.

All of the guns in the Professional Series™ from Chambers Custom are designed in collaboration between Joe and the specific Professional. They are then built by the CC team to include Eric, Brandon, Tadd and Joe. Each gun is tested with 500 rounds of various types of ammo to ensure reliability and accuracy. We hope you enjoy the Professional Series™ as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Chuck Pressburg, Night Fighter™ – SOLD OUT

Our first Professional Series™ Gun we are extremely proud to announce is with Chuck Pressburg of PressCheck Consulting. Chuck is considered by many to be one of the top Tier 1 trainers in the country.

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Jared Reston, Regulator™ – SOLD OUT

Chambers Custom is pleased to announce our second 2019 Professional Series™ Pistol. This pistol comes in collaboration with Jared Reston of Reston Group Critical Solutions. Jared is considered by many to be one of the top Tier 1 LEO trainers in the country.

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Chuck Pressburg, Light Fighter™ – SOLD OUT

The 2020 Professional Series ™ continues with the Chuck Pressburg Light Fighter ™ . The Light Fighter ™ is specially designed 2019 wide body with a carry comp to make it unique in its kind.

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