Special Projects

Over the past couple of years we have had the distinct pleasure of doing many wonderful projects here at Chambers Custom™. This section is a highlight of some of the special projects we have had the pleasure of being involved in building. Here you will find our ongoing events, charity builds, published guns and even a unique friend or two. We hope you enjoy seeing these unique works as much as we enjoy building them.

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1911 University™

 The 1911 University™ brings you the opportunity to build your own 1911 under the close instruction of Joe Chambers™.  For the full course Description, Read More here.

Chambers Custom Pistols: Tiny Hands Project

Tiny Hands

During the summer of 2009 I was invited to a luncheon by a dear friend of mine named Aaron. He said it was for a group called Tiny Hands International.  I had no idea what it would be about but decided I would go learn about this organization.  We met at a restaurant in Lincoln Nebraska and that was the first time I was educated on this powerful group. Read More


Recently we were given the opportunity to build an exciting new relationship we are proud to share with you. In October of 2011 we were contacted by Steven Seagal and asked to build him a new custom carry pistol. The resulting project was one of the coolest guns built to date here at CCP. It is a long slide, wide body Caspian frame in .45acp. To date, Mr. Seagal has fired several thousand rounds through this gun with zero malfunctions. Read More


1911 Mirror Image Duo™ .45acp

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