Steven Seagal Project

Here at Chambers Custom Pistols we value one thing more than any others: Relationships.


Recently we were given the opportunity to build an exciting new relationship we are proud to share with you. In October of 2011 we were contacted by Steven Seagal and asked to build him a new custom carry pistol.

The resulting project was one of the coolest guns built to date here at CCP. It is a long slide, wide body Caspian frame in .45acp. To date, Mr. Seagal has fired several thousand rounds through this gun with zero malfunctions.

Mr. Seagal has been involved in law enforcement for over 20 years. During our conversations about his first build it was stressed that for duty reasons he requires his guns to be absolutely reliable, precision accurate and have a perfect trigger. For these reasons he chose CCP to build his newest duty/carry gun. We are proud to not only call him a client but also a friend.

This is what he has to say about the pistol built for him here at CCP:

“Mr. Chambers was able to accomplish everything I asked for, and then some. I feel confident that I will be lucky enough to utilize this pistol for a long, long time. Having built a tremendous amount of pistols, I have used many, many gunsmiths. I am quite sure there are only a few gunsmiths around with Joe’s extraordinary level of skill. I am extremely grateful for his devotion and service to gun crafting and proud to know Mr. Chambers.” – Steven Seagal