“My experience with Chambers Custom could not have been better.  Joe has the rare combination of incredible skill, timely communications, and integrity in his business practices.  The work he did on my pistol was top notch, and it made all the difference in the world in terms of accuracy and function.  I’m proud to call myself a customer of Chambers Custom, and I look forward to adding more of his works of art to my collection in the future.”

Andy S.,  Dallas, TX

“In the past several years, I’ve seen several of Joe’s pistols, and they have all exhibited the kind of exemplary workmanship and attention to detail only some in the business attain – or even attempt to reach…  He has already built guns for collectors, people who use them for self-defense, action shooting competitors and even soldiers all over the world.  Joe gets guns out the door, and has proven his workmanship in a wide range of shooting categories and disciplines.”

Roy Huntington
American Handgunner Magazine

“Joe, you took a buggered up pistol, that I knew had potential; and made it into a beautiful, functional machine. 10 shots in less than 1″ at 50 yds is something I’ll never personally be able to do, so I’ll strive for 1″ at 25. I know the pistol is capable.”

James D., Gilbert, SC

“This gun is phenomenal, especially considering what you started with. I couldn’t have traded this gun for a decent pair of hunting boots but it had tremendous sentimental value since it was a college graduation gift from my folks. Now it is a work of art and a top-notch shooter. Thanks, Joe – you outdid yourself on this one!”

Kevin L.,  Franklin, TN

“The 1911 45 that Joe Chambers built for me was not what I expected.  I wanted a perfectly functioning, extremely accurate, plain-jane, get ‘er done .45 that I could shoot my best with and blame anything less on my ammo or my own skills.  What I GOT was everything except “plain jane”.  The gun I have is incredibly beautiful.  Other than that…it’s perfect!

I would love to compare this 1911 to a reliable pair of boots, the best knife I’ve ever had, a good old Ford truck I used to have, etc.  But…well…it really exceeds all that stuff for me.  Instead, if I ever have a knife, truck, pair of boots, or whatever else that I think is darn near perfect…I’ll compare that against my 1911 Joe Chambers built for me.

I’ve shot some pretty good (for me) targets and scores with my gun.  A 99-7X Slow Fire.  Several 880’s.  Etc, etc.  A top shooter would set records with this gun.  Maybe Lorelei will set those records for me.

If anyone wants detailed opinions from me on the gun or the trigger (which to me is the most important “user felt” aspect of a Bullseye gun), they are welcome to email me.”

Grayson P., Charlotte, NC

“I’m the proud owner of a Joe Chambers custom 1911 9mm. I believe it was number two of its kind as he has it’s twin. Joe also helped me test drive it when it was hand delivered to me by him.  This is the finest handgun I’ve ever experienced and I think of it as a collectors item.”

Bill Y.,  Atlanta, GA

“I sent Joe a “custom” that wouldn’t even shoot a 5 shot string without an alibi, after working his “magic” on that gun I am now a High Master Class Shooter!  Needless to say he’s done all 3 of my competition guns!!”

Patrick K., Lewistown,PA

“Joe, shot my custom 1911 9mm again recently, and I’m not sure where to start. Your website says obsessibly accurate, reliable, and beautiful and that is exactly what I experience every time I go to the range. The gun is deadly accurate, works flawlessly round after round, and people never stop commenting on the incredible design and workmanship. Thank you for the best shooting experience of my life, I can’t wait to own another one in .45.”

Jim C., Chesapeake, VA

“Joe has worked on several of my guns.  He built one new one from the ground up, a .22, the others were rebuilds.  One was a new high end ball gun from another well known smith that just wasn’t up to par.  After Joe worked his magic they all worked better than ever.  Accuracy is superb, workmanship, again, superb.  He did what I wanted done, not like some smiths who do what they think you should have.  I will definitely be using Joe’s services in the future.”

Steve G., Lewistown, PA

“Joe, as you know, I haven’t shot guns that often.  That said, your gun functions so smoothly and shoots so true that I felt like I’ve shot for years.  Thanks for making this novice look like a pro.”

Ryan H., Lincoln, NE

“Ask yourself, do you want a gun that works every time, or looks great, or is incredibly accurate?  How about all three!  The level of detail, fit and finish on my .45acp is beyond expectations.  Then, add customer service that makes you feel like you are supposed to, Joe is like family in Nebraska I didn’t know I had until I called.  It is hard to find the words to explain just how great the trigger is, let someone at the range try it and watch the look on their face as it is priceless.  Accurate?  I typically shoot at 20-25 yards.  My 50 yard targets look the same as my 25 now.  Can you believe the test target sent with the gun of 1.5” something for a 10 shot group at 50 yards with a commander slide?  YES!  Nothing like shooting a 3 inch group, have some one say, “Wow good shooting” while you are thinking, “How did I get that flier?”  Do you have 2-3 guns that you never shoot?  Sell them, and get a Chambers Custom Pistol.  I did.  Then I liked it so much I had a second government slide built for the same lower. Thank you Joe for building me a gun that gets it done.”

N.S., Morrisville, PA


“Joe built an exceptional wad gun for me.  I sent him the new Caspian frame and we discussed my requirements and he delivered a true master piece. This target is one I shot using my Ransom Rest to test my loads in the new pistol. It is completely reliable and accurate; 15K rounds and counting.  Need a world class pistol at a great price give Joe a call!”

Tom K. (Maj USAF Ret)


“Chambers Custom Pistols (Joe) is a top notch proprietor, with excellent communication, turn around and of course craftsmanship! When you hear people complain about 12 months or more to get a gun worked on elsewhere and, “I sent my deposit and now I have not heard from him since and he does not return my calls or email” it makes you nervous to send off your competition guns and a check for work. This is not a concern with Joe, he delivers as promised.

My Caspian 1911 wad gun is so smooth, the trigger is just the way I wanted it and of course it looks and performs flawlessly!  I had to send my Caspian dedicated lower 22 conversion to Joe for the same trigger work and fitting. Results were better than expected. The fit in my hand is exactly the same as my wad gun, the trigger is smooth and consistent. I was able to dry fire for a bit and put 100 rounds down range with the conversion before our local league night and then shot my personal best twice! A 287 followed up by a 289 National Match Course.

Thank you Joe for your excellent work and getting me one step closer to my goal. You have been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to meeting you in person. Your dedication, craftsmanship and personality are an asset to competitive shooting sports and anyone that requires nothing but the best from their firearms.”

Joe F.
(NRA Conventional Pistol)

“As a new — but extremely devoted — BE shooter I was made aware of  Joe Chambers’  superior custom firearms by a member of the pistol team on which I shoot. I knew if I were to make up for lost time (I am 58) I would want a gun which allows me to accomplish my shooting goals in a timely fashion. But a bespoke pistol for such a new shooter might seem like a grandiose folly in a shooting world which looks down upon “buying points.” However, after a brief but extremely enjoyable and informative discussion period, I was convinced and gave Joe Chambers the go-ahead to make me a traditionally styled 1911.

Less than six months later, I had in my hand one of the greatest possessions I own.

Chambers’ attention to detail, deep insight into the fabrication of one of the greatest handguns of all time, plus the unmistakable touch of an artist and innovative and accomplished craftsman, are all inherent in my new pistol. It has changed me forever.

While I am new to shooting, however, I am not not new to owning finely crafted instruments, superior and attentive customer service and extremely professional business practices ( I was in retail for 25 years so know whereof I speak).  Joe Chambers brings together these disparate retail and craftsman practices in the form of a warm and concerned individual who respects his clients, his product and the precious legacy of one of America’s greatest innovations: the 1911.

While I may never distinguish myself at Camp Perry, I know I can step up to the firing line confident that my pistol will then — and always — be better than I am and allow me to be an active participant in the sport I love.

I am proud to own a Chambers Custom 1911.”

Professor Hank S., Olivebridge, NY

“Joe, Shot the Tru-bore in our match last Sunday and it works great!  The trigger is perfect and I really like how smooth the slide is with that disconnector cut (had to show that off to several of the guys).    Thanks again for taking the time to work on it for me.”

Tim K, Omaha, NE

“I learned more from an hour conversation on the phone with Joe than I learned in a day long 1911 armorer’s class. He was kind enough to tighten up and finish my most recent build and the level of detail is amazing. I just wonder what I don’t even know to notice. I’m not ass-kissing here, if budget was no concern and I could have any man in the world build a 1911 for me, he’s my pick.”
Chuck P., Ashville, NC