Tiny Hands Project


During the summer of 2009 I was invited to a luncheon by a dear friend of mine named Aaron. He said it was for a group called Tiny Hands International.  I had no idea what it would be about but decided I would go learn about this organization.  We met at a restaurant in Lincoln Nebraska and that was the first time I was educated on this powerful group.

Basically what Tiny Hands does is they rescue young girls from the sex trade in Nepal and India. These girls are between the ages of 7 and 24 with the average being 15. You can read more about their mission and vision at www.tinyhandsinternational.org. Now, being a father of a daughter myself I was deeply moved by this cause. At the time I really didn’t have anything I could give monetarily but still wanted to do something to help the organization. After the luncheon, I met with Aaron and told him that if I ever opened my own shop building custom pistols I would like to do something special for Tiny Hands.

In June of 2010, I opened the doors of my own custom pistol shop here in Crete, Nebraska. One of the reasons I started Chambers Custom Pistols was I wanted the freedom to help out special causes as I saw fit and as time allowed. I believe God has given me the ability and talents to do a very unique job, build custom pistols, and it is my duty to put those talents to good use helping others when I can.

Shortly after opening Chambers Custom Pistols I approached Aaron and shared my desire with him to build a custom 1911 style pistol to give to Tiny Hands to raffle off with the proceeds going to help save these precious girls. Now, I know there are tons of charities out there, but this particular one happened to be here at home, and it was something that really struck me in the heart.


So, in July of 2010 I ordered a special frame and slide from Caspian Arms. The serial number on this gun is TNY HDS 2010 and stands for; you guessed it, Tiny Hands 2010. This is a special one time gun. I have had the design in mind for some time but just didn’t know what I was going to use it on until now. The gun will be a .45acp full length pistol with only the finest parts available. Components include parts from Greider, Cylinder & Slide, Kart, Caspian, S&A, KFS, and a few others.

In addition to the pistol, a Presentation Grade Case is being hand made by Kade Gile at Huey Custom Cases in Lawrence Kansas, www.hueycases.com. A custom set of grips with the Tiny Hands logo is being crafted by my friend Ed Strange at Wicked Grips. A beautiful hand molded holster set is being professionally crafted by my friend Dave Epp here in Lincoln. Sergeant Major (Ret.) Andy Anderson has graciously donated a brass magnet to be included with the gun, www.brassmagnet.com. And there will be a few other items as we get closer to the drawing. All in all, the entire package is valued at $8500.00.

By now you are probably wondering how you get in on such an opportunity. Well, that’s the simple part. We are selling only 500 tickets for this once in a lifetime package deal. The tickets are $25.00 each. The parts cost, which is around $2500.00, comes out of the ticket sales. All my labor for building the gun and putting the package together is free, which leaves about $10,000.00 to go directly to rescuing these girls. You can make your check or money order out to Tiny Hands for the number of tickets you would like to purchase. Or if you see me in person you can purchase them with cash to receive your ticket stub. The drawing for the completed pistol will be announced as soon as the last ticket is sold, which shouldn’t take long. You do not have to be present to win. The pistol package will be completed in November and there will be ongoing pictures up on my site, www.chamberscustom.com showing the build in process.


This truly is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on if you enjoy helping children and love nice guns. Please help me help them by sending your ticket contribution to Joe Chambers, P.O. Box 81, Crete NE 68333. And thank you for the kindness of your gift.

As of December 23, 2010 all tickets have been sold.