Workin’ Man’s Gun™

Several years back, a local police officer friend and I were were discussing how he would love to own a gun built by me but just couldn’t come up with the coin on a working man’s salary. He suggested perhaps I should build a line of guns for “regular” guys who were not looking for all the bling and flash of my normal custom guns. Thus the “Workin’ Man’s Gun™” was born.

Initially, I started building a few WMG’s™ for friends who wanted an affordable option to a Chambers Custom™ hand built gun. Internally they are built the same as all my customs are built. Externally they are matte finished with no frills.

These guns offer the opportunity to own a custom hand built gun at the price of a “semi-custom”. They are produced in limited numbers each year and come with an upgrade sheet that allows the owner to have certain custom features added to the final build. The WMG™ also comes with a guarantee of 1.5″ 10 shot groups at 50 yards with match ammo.

They come with the following as standard:

      • Standard cocking serrations

      • Stippled front strap and mainspring housing

      • Blended dovetail solid steel front sight

      • CCP rear fixed sight called the Combat Rear Fixed Sight (CRFS for short)

      • 3lb 8oz trigger pull weight

      • Long curved trigger that can be cut to medium or short flat before delivery

      • Match fit Kart Barrel and Bushing

      • GI guide rod set up

      • Ball cuts on slide dust cover

      • Bottom bevel slide

      • Two tuned 7 round mags

      • Matte finished and blued (stainless will be available in future runs)

      • KFS Sharkskin grips

      • Minimum 100 round test fire

      The WMG™ line is now also offered in the WMG-T, “Tactical” and WMG-C, “Competitor™” models. The WMG-T includes all of the WMG standard features built on a tactical light rail frame. The WMG-C includes a Clark scope rail on top of the slide for use as a Bullseye Wadcutter gun in NRA type Bullseye competitions.

      While the WMG™ builds are not done by Joe personally, they are inspected and approved before the gun goes out the door.

      For WMG ™ availability and ordering information, please email Heidi at