Workin’ Man’s Gun™

Several years ago my friend Eric and I were sitting in my driveway enjoying a nice Nebraska evening. Eric was a local police officer at the time and was lamenting on how he would love to own a gun built by me but just couldn’t come up with the coin on a working man’s salary. He suggested perhaps I should build a line of guns for “regular” guys who were not looking for all the bling and flash of my normal custom guns. Thus the “Workin’ Man’s Gun™” was born.

A short while after my conversation with Eric I started building a few of these for friends who wanted an affordable option to a Chambers Custom™ hand built gun. Internally they are built the same way all my customs are built. Externally they are matte finished with no frills.

WMG 7 Page Pic 1

These guns offer the opportunity to own a custom hand built gun at the price of a “semi-custom”. They will be produced in limited numbers each year. These guns come with an upgrade sheet that allows the owner to have certain custom features added to the final build. The WMG™ also comes with a guarantee of 1.5″ 10 shot groups at 50 yards with match ammo.

They come with the following as standard:

  • Standard cocking serrations
  • Stippled front strap and mainspring housing
  • Blended dovetail solid steel front sight
  • CCP rear fixed sight called the Combat Rear Fixed Sight (CRFS for short)
  • 3lb 8oz trigger pull weight
  • Long curved trigger that can be cut to medium or short flat before delivery
  • Match fit Kart Barrel and Bushing
  • GI guide rod set up
  • Ball cuts on slide dust cover
  • Bottom bevel slide
  • Two tuned 7 round mags
  • Matte finished and blued (stainless will be available in future runs)
  • KFS Sharkskin grips
  • Minimum 100 round test fire
WMG 7 Page pic 2

WMG Prices are as follows:

  • Standard .45acp configuration is $4,950.00 plus shipping.
  • Standard 9mm or .38super is $5,150.00 plus shipping.
  • Nebraska residents must pay local sales tax.

The WMG™ line is now also offered in the WMG-T, “Tactical” and WMG-C, “Competitor™” models. The WMG-T includes all of the WMG standard features built on a tactical light rail frame. The WMG-C includes a Clark scope rail on top of the slide for use as a Bullseye Wadcutter gun in NRA type Bullseye competitions.

WMG’s™ are built by our gunsmiths Brandon Buhler and Eric Mercier, who have both been personally trained by Joe.

Brandon came to Chambers Custom with a background of owning his own weapons and suppressor company which he started a few years after leaving the US Navy where he was a member of the SEAL’s. He is extremely skilled, detail oriented and has a passion for the 1911 platform. He has a strong background in machine skills, a keen eye for detail and understands how the 1911 should shoot and feel.

Eric is the friend who spurred me to bring out the WMG™ line up. After spending nearly 17 years as a local police officer he has since retired. He didn’t know what he was going to do going forward it only seemed right to offer him the opportunity to build the very guns he had inspired all those years ago. He has an amazingly detail oriented mind and also brings a “I carry this every day for work” mentality to building WMG’s™. He, like Brandon, is also a Veteran having served 8 years in the US Air Force where he trained pilots in wilderness survival.

While all aspects of the WMG™ builds are not done by me personally, they are inspected and approved by me before the gun goes out the door.

Thank you for taking the time to look at what the Workin’ Man’s Gun™ entails. I hope you found the information informative and helpful.

For WMG ™ availability and ordering information, please email Heidi at